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Welcome to the British Viola Society

The Society was originally founded as the English Viola Society in September 2007 by the late Professor John White and Dr Louise Lansdown (President).

The society exists for the benefit of violists and aficionados of the instrument

It has expanded to become the British Viola Society with charitable objectives, aiming to support, promote and encourage every aspect of playing, teaching, composing and research relevant to the viola in Great Britain.

The British Viola Society’s inaugural meeting was held at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester on 14 October 2012.

The British Viola Society is a member of the International Viola Society (IVS). 7% of members’ subscriptions go to the IVS, bringing together around 1500 violists across eighteen countries.



The BVS pays tribute to the Australian-born Irish violist, John Lynch who has died in a tragic accident, off the coast of Crete, in Greece – aged 45.

John died on Friday 29th August 2014 whilst trying to save his partner,  Kevin Devine.  Both men died as they were caught in a riptide while swimming.

He was a former member of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and  was the current Associate Principal Violist of the RTE National Symphony Orchestra, in Dublin.

BVS President, Dr Louise Lansdown writes:

“John Lynch was a hugely popular member of the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, and a most talented musician.  He will be hugely missed by all.  Our thoughts are with both men’s families, friends and colleagues.”