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Cecil Aronowitz International Viola Competition Programme

Saturday 18 November Registration and Evening Recital – Thomas Riebl (viola) Sunday 19 November Day 1 of Round 2, Daytime Master Classes with Martin Outram, Daytime Workshop – Absolute Zero Viola Quartet workshops and events for viola players of all

Learn to play a new instrument: The Grade 1 Challenge

The Challenge: In 2015 we are challenging you to take up a new instrument and achieve grade 1 standard by the end of the year. Learning a musical instrument is something anyone can do and something that provides thousands of


ARCO is  project led by Birmingham Conservatoire. This is a major outreach and distance learning project  in collaboration with MIAGI (Music is a Great Investment), Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music based in Soweto, South Africa. There is more information

‘News from the String Babies’ World’ from Kay Tucker

In the eight months since Stringbabies for Viola was published,such a lot has happened and being asked to write an update for the BVS provides a wonderful opportunity to take stock and reflect. Regarding the viola book; sales were quite

‘On being a violist with the Lindsays’ – Robin Ireland pays tribute to Peter Cropper

Peter Cropper, first violinist of the Lindsay Quartet, died on May 28th,   just short of the tenth anniversary of the quartet’s final concert, which I remember as if it were yesterday. During the last couple of years, Peter increasingly enjoyed

‘Exploring British Viola Repertoire’ by Valerie Dart

As a perennial student of the viola and viola repertoire, I have been fascinated by the fact that our repertoire is not widely known, even by violists, whilst the musical public generally is familiar with much of the violin’s vast

Proposed amendments to BVS Constitution

Changes are recommended to reflect the current practices of the Society, as indicated below British Viola Society
 CONSTITUTION (Statutes) Adopted 2012 ARTICLE I: Name The name of the organisation shall be the British Viola  Society (the Society or BVS). ARTICLE

Financial Report 2014-2015

AGM: Birmingham Conservatoire, 18th June 2015 Our recruitment continues to grow steadily. Our numbers were much boosted by the requirement that all competitors in the 2014 Cecil Aronowitz Viola Competition, whether from Britain or abroad, become members of the Society

Annual Report 2014 – 2015

British Viola Society Annual General Meeting: 18 June 2015 Introduction The British Viola Society was established in October 2012 and replaced the English Viola Society, founded by John White and Dr Louise Lansdown in 2007.  John White, who sadly died

Viola Day with Martin Outram. Sunday 26th April 2015

Dorchester-on-Thames is a picture-postcard village in Oxfordshire and on Sunday 26 April its lovely village hall was the venue for a viola playing day coached by Martin Outram, whom many of us know as the superb violist in the Maggini