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Violas For Sale and Wanted

The  British Viola Society offers its members the opportunity to  place adverts on this page at no cost, as a membership  benefit.

Non members are welcome to advertise on this page for a small fee of  £15 per quarter (every three months). This should be paid directly into the BVS PayPal account and would need to be paid in advance of the advert being placed on the website.

Please contact us to arrange to  place an advert on the website.


FOR SALE:  under £5,000



  • English, silver & ebony, by John Clutterbuck
  • Scottish, silver & ebony, by Grant Fay
  • Swiss silver & ebony branded ‘Lefin’

Further details from peter@watersviolins.co.uk


FOR SALE: from £10,000 – £20,000


VIOLA by Christoph Götting 2005

Viola (14.6cm back length) made in 2005 by Christoph Götting.

A very strong instrument.



Available to try in London.

Email: garypomeroy@gmail.com






VIOLA by Tetsuo Matsuda, Chicago 2002.

Viola  (16.5 inch back) made in 2002 by Tetsuo Matsuda, trained in Cremona and based in the Chicago area, USA. Matsuda has won gold and silver medals for violin and viola.

This instrument has been owned and played since 2002 by the co-principal viola in the London Symphony Orchestra  (retired).

It is offered at £16,000 for private sale  – having previously been offered by a London dealer at £22,000.

Available for trial in London area, or elsewhere by arrangement if possible.

Contact: Roger Mundy rqmundy@btinternet.com 07811 769 969 (close friend of the owner)