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Edward Keenan RAM April 2019

April 2019

Nick Fidler. RBC April 2019

Guildhall. Kate de Campos. April 2019

Ilkley Viola day 2019

Limb premiere. March 2019

Benslow Viola day. Feb 2019

News from Janet Pazio. April 2019





February 2019

Composer info – Sadie Harrison cantare et trepidare

Composer info – Blues for Katherine

Viola Concerto by Grażyna Bacewicz

Bollywood Viola story. Feb 2019

In the Beginning Concertino for Viola & Chamber Orchestra

Limb progress report. February 2019

News from Janet Pazio Feb 2019

RCM viola report . Feb 2019

BVS_February 19_Trinity Laban_Peter Fenech

BVS-Fen 2019. RAM report. Edward Keenan

2019.02.09 Robin Ireland Viola Workshop Report by JClarke

RNCM . Feb 2019

RCS report. T Chung. Feb 2019








January 2019


Edward Keenan RAM Dec 2018

November 2018 events at Trinity Laban





June 2016. Fitzroy QuartetArpeggione Viola Courses



News from Janet Pazio – December 2018

BVS Secretary reports from the IVC 2018

RBC at the 45th IVC

ESTA PG Dip Course . BVS newsletter Dec 18





Tim Ridout. Wigmore Hall concert diary

CREATIVE FLOW by Rachel Roberts

Viola Day – Tony Hobbs



‘A viola player writes…’by Jessica Wyatt

Violarama 2015 by Michael St John

Young Violas by Simon Rowland

St Cecilia, patron saint of music by Rachel Roberts



Answers to BVS Quiz 1 Jan 2016

Maria Parfitt’s 2016 Practice Diary

Interview with Jessica Wyatt

April 17th 2016. Huddersfield Viola Ensemble Day


Viola Workshop with Robin Ireland. 20th February 2016

Reflections on Cecil Aronowitz by Nicola Lewsey

ProCorda 2016 by Mabon Llyr

Pro Corda 2016. Emily Dore reports

Canterbury Christ Church University Viola Day. 6 feb 2016


Lawrence Power 17 March CBSO Concert 2016

Report of Ilkley Viola Day. 27th Feb 2016


Valerie Dart reporting from Australia on Café Viola

Jess Wyatt gives her opinion on audition pieces and preparation

17 April 2016 Viola Day, Huddersfield.

Forsyth concerto programme notes.


June 2016. Heath Quartet


June 2016. Heath Quartet

STRAD May 2016. Technique article

June 2016. Fitzroy Quartet

Viola Workshop Feedback June 2016.

Viola Workshop with Robin Ireland. 18 June2016

Sept 2016


Lake District Summer Music BVS

Martin Outram’s Viola Course 25th – 29th July 2016

Britten double BVS

Oct 2016

Viola workshop 9 October 2016

The Lionel Tertis -John White Archive

Michael Nyman. Viola and Piano

Thoughts on choosing an instrument. Alexandra Apenberg


November 2016

Reger Festival 2016. Yue Yu reports

News from Timothy Ridout October 2016

News from Sally Beamish, BVS Honorary President

Viola Workshop with Robin Ireland – Saturday 5th November 2016


December 2016

Guildhall School of Music and Drama Viola Day Report

A Sheffield Gem (Viola recital Nov ’16)

Sarah – Jane Bradley recitals. Nov 2016

News from Janet Pazio – December 2016

January 2017

News from Janet Pazio. January 2017

February 2017

BVS RNCM Strings Festival report.2017

A Viola in 5 days by William Castle

Tips from the Top, by Peggy and Dixie

BVS RNCM Strings Festival Jonas Lindner

News from Janet Pazio – February 2017

Rosalind Ventris Schedule Jan-Feb 17

‘Viola Strings’ by Alistair Rutherford

Canterbury Christ Church University Viola Day with Martin Outram. 4 February 2017


March 2017

News from Janet Pazio – March 2017

Claire Newton meets Lawrence Power

Ilkley Viola Day with Martin Outram. February 2017

Practise Notes. Paul Hindemith Viola Sonata Op. 11 No. 4

Conservatoire Viola at Pro Corda. February 2017

Otoha Tabata. Benslow Viola Day. 19 February 2017

Robert Behrman. Benslow Viola Day 19 February 2017

April 2017

Vaughan Williams Suite for Viola and Small Orchestra (1934)

News from Janet Pazio – April 2017

Viola Workshop with Robin Ireland. 1 April 2017

Viola News from Leeds. April 2017


May 2017

RNCM Young Violas Days, 2017. Report from Thea Marcus

Elsabé Raath’s Hopping Viola Diary. Day 3

Exploring Octets and String Orchestras

Hertford Symphony Orchestra play the Walton Viola Concerto

Arthur Bliss Viola Sonata Opus 91

Arpeggione Courses for Young Violists

A tribute to David Angel by Martin Outram

Tatjana Masurenko Masterclass. 25.4.17. Kim Becker reports

Walton Viola Concerto. Reflections by Sarah-Jane Bradley

June 2017

News from Janet Pazio. June 2017

Slaithwaite Philharmonic Orchestra on tour to Normandy. June 2017

Viola players and Leeds University Union Music Society

Review of Celebration for Gwyn by Christopher Morley

July 2017

News from Janet Pazio – July 2017

Viola Playday in South Yorkshire. July 2017

Learning the French horn in 10 weeks by Jessica Wyatt

September 2017

Bridget Dixon tribute

International Somerakademie Bad Leonfelden. August 2017

National Youth Orchestra of Wales Summer Course, 2017

2017International Viola Summer School at Benslow.

2017Running viola World Record

News from Janet Pazio.September 2017


Programme (Public) September 2017

October 2017

News from Janet Pazio – October 2017

Running Viola Marathon Success. Press Release October 2016

Aspen Summer School 2017

Viola Workshop in South Yorkshire. 21st October 2017

Senior Arpeggione Course, Suffolk. October 2017

GSMD Annual Viola Day 25th October 2017

December 2017

Sheffield Viola Ensemble. 9 December 2017

Grace Ramsey

York Bowen viola sonatas. Monica Jensen

Cecil Aronowitz 2017 – Vanessa Gaidoni

News from Janet Pazio. December 2017