BRITISH VIOLA REPERTOIRE 1885- 1970 and beyond

Viola enthusiast, Valerie Dart  has compiled a long list of works from about 1865 to about 1965, with dates and publishing details, aiming to revive some forgotten repertoire and let fellow violists know about what she has discovered.

The BVS is delighted to share this list on the website.

BRITISH VIOLA REPERTOIRE. Revised July 22nd 2015

Bibliography and sources for Repertoire list

Valerie Dart grew up in Britain and studied at the Royal Northern College of Music, studying violin with Yossi Zivoni and viola with Cecil Aronowitz, before moving to Australia. She is an active musician, performing in orchestras, chamber music and recitals.
As a Master of Philisophy student through Newcastle University NSW, Australia,Valerie has explored the British Viola repertoire.

The Repertoire List first appeared in the BVS Newsletter for July 2015.

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