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Legal and Accounts Consultant

Merrick Pascal 
Merrick is a Solicitor and Legal Agent and has been based in Birmingham for most of his career. He specialises in Civil Law but has experience of a wide range of legal matters. He fondly remembers the accounts exams thrust upon him during his training!

Merrick managed the accounts, tax returns and all legal matters for a Royal Academy of Dance ballet school based in Birmingham for 6 years. He is neither dancer nor musician (having achieved lowly grades in piano and violin). As a former member of the CBSO Chorus, his mother has never forgiven him.
Merrick considers himself a ‘friend’ of both the Birmingham Conservatoire and The British Viola Society, although remembers a quote from Woody Allen;
“I’d never join a club that would allow a person like me to become a member.”
Merrick is ably helped by his Assistant Dennis.