New Technologies and Software Apps for String Instruments’ Performance Research

This new research is led by Dr Tobias Grosshauser of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH).
Below is his abstract summarizing the project.

‘In a new research project “New Technologies and Software Apps for String Instruments’ Performance Research – from Lab to Classroom” a consortium of Birmingham Conservatoire and ETH Zurich use several new and further developed sensor setups for capturing specific parameters in stringed instrument playing.
The setups consist beside others of several sensor modules like 10 DOF IMUs*, force sensors, sensor matrix foils and a data recording and visualization app with server connectivity. The main foci in this setup are on measuring chin pressure with a matrix foil on the chin rest, head ori- entation, bow position, bow rotation and string level, further string-to-bow angle, overall bow hair tension and right hand force applied on the bow while playing. The sensors are small and lightweight to allow simple fixation and unhindered playing. In the evaluation process we investigated measurement accuracy, different visualizations and usability of the setup in laboratory situations and in classroom teaching. The body posture and chin experiments proved the daily usability of the setup in a long term, still ongoing project.
The results of the first experiments show, that the setup is precise enough for most applications in teaching and practicing scenarios.’
*DOF IMU = Degrees of Freedom inertial-measurement-unit