Report of British Viola Society activities 2012-2013 | Dr Louise Lansdown

The British Viola Society is about to celebrate its first birthday and we are thrilled to be able to report many changes, developments and much to look forward to.

The British Viola Society Team is now looking very healthy and we are inspired and geared up to take the society into the next stage of its history.

Please do enjoy our newly revamped and constantly changing website…

Warm wishes and congratulations to John White, our Honorary President on his 75th Birthday! Our new Treasurer, Michael Freyhan has included an article reviewing some of John’s latest publications in the 2013 Journal, so do make sure you look this up.

A big welcome and thank you to our new Secretary Sue Douglas, who has been simply wonderful over the past few months helping with membership, journal, website and absolutely everything.

A full list of BVS Team is below – do look up a little more about each member on our website.

John White – Honorary President

Ian Jewel – Patron

Louise Lansdown – President

Martin Outram – Vice-President

Sue Douglas – Secretary

Michael Freyhan – Treasurer

Janet Pazio (Executive Secretary – Membership)

Ben Lawrence (Executive Secretary – Facebook)

Laura Sinnerton (Executive Secretary – Twitter)

With all the new colleagues of the BVS Team we are working hard to enhance our membership perks, discounts, gifts and involvement. Much more news to follow!

Thanks to Ben Lawrence  (Executive Secretary – Facebook) we now have around 250 members on the BVS Facebook Group and this is steadily growing.

The BVS launch at the Royal Northern College of Music on 14 October 2012 was a lovely gathering, as was the Viola Day at Birmingham Conservatoire on 27 January 2013. It is thanks to the Lionel Tertis International Viola Competition held on the Isle of Man in March 2013 that both Sue and Ben are now involved with the society. Tertis’s legacy certainly still lives on.

One of the next BVS events will also be held at Birmingham Conservatoire,

Maxim Rysanov will be giving a Public Master Class on Wednesday 30 October from 13.30-15.30 in the Recital Hall. Entrance is free of charge, and do notify Sue Douglas (Secretary) if you would like to attend  (email:

The BVS Team hopes that you enjoy our diverse and action-packed viola journal! Many thanks to my student Laura Feeney who has helped with proof-reading and formatting for the journal and also Maria Parfitt who has been helping Sue and Janet to build a database of amateur violists across the UK!

Dr Louise Lansdown

BVS President