Yuri Bashmet International Viola Competition


The IX  International Viola Competition “Viola Masters” by Yuri Bashmet, took place in Moscow from the 9th to the 16th of November 2023.

The first prize went to Lyubov Lazareva (Russia), the second to Arseniy Zakharov (Russia). Third place in the competition was shared by Yuri Yun (South Korea), Ilya Tarasenko (Russia), and Antonina Popras (Russia). The fourth prize was shared by Daria Barlybaeva (Kazakhstan) and Guzal Sultanova (Uzbekistan). The fifth prize was awarded to Zhang Kailin (China).



The VIII Yuri Bashmet International Viola Competition was held in Moscow from January 25 to February 2, 2018.

24 year old Karolina Errera from Russia-Germany was awarded the 1st prize.
A graduate of the Moscow Central Music School and the Berlin University of Arts, and post-graduate student of Professor Tabea Zimmermann at the ‘Hanns Eisler’ University of Music, Karolina was a former major prize winner at the Markneukirchen and Jan Rakowski International Viola Competitions. Karolina received €15,000.

Joint 2nd prize was awarded to Alexander Tatarinov from Russia and Pavel Romanenko from Kazakhstan.

No 3rd prize was awarded at the 2018 competition.

  • Special prize (based on round II, section A) – Prize “for the best performance of a work by a Russian composer” was received by Alexander Tatarinov (Russia)
  • Special prize (in the competition) for “The best ensemble” was received by Pavel Romanenko (Kazakhstan), Evgeny Rumiantsev (Russia), Andrey Skripki (Russia)
  • Special Prize “Best Illustrator (Concertmaster)” was received by Ksenia Bashmet
  • A special prize named after Oleg Kagan “For the best performance of Mozart Symphony concert” was received by Chamber orchestra «Moscow soloists»

Additional prizes:

“For high professionalism” from Yuri Bashmet (President and founder of the competition) was received by Natalia Nikitenko, Elena Nikitenko, Denis Vlasenko

Special prize “For the best performance of the compulsory work on the First round of the competition” was received by Karolina Errera (Russia-Germany)

Special prize from the “Bashmet Center” – «Carte Blanche concerto» was received by Alexander Tatarinov (Russia)

For more detailed information about current competitions please follow the link: http://www.bashmetcompetition.com/

The 2018 jury comprised: Yuri Bashmet, Roman Balashov, Alexander Bonduryansky, Evgeny Barankin, Atsuhiko Gondai, Rollo Covac, Garth Knox, Lawrence Power, Maxim Rysanov, Raimund Trenkler, Alexander Tchaikovsky and Wilfried Strele.


The 2018 competition was held with the purpose of developing viola playing traditions, supporting and encouraging young talented viola players from different countries, promoting their professional career throughout the world, viola repertoire extension, and showing the rich possibilities of the viola as a solo and ensemble instrument.

Taking into account Maestro Yuri Bashmet’s Jubilee in 2018, the Yuri Bashmet VIII International Viola Competition in Moscow was held in a very exceptional way to unite a number of competitions, forming “Viola Masters”, building an arts space where winners and laureates of worldwide viola competitions could join together.

 For more detailed information please follow the link: http://www.bashmetcompetition.com/

The Viola Masters’ partnering Competitions were:

  • Yuri Bashmet VIII International Viola Competition;
  • Vancouver International Music Competition (Canada),
  • Lionel Tertis International Viola Competition (Isle of Man),
  • Markneukirchen International Instrumental Competition (Germany),
  • Association of Culture «Melos» (Italy)
  • International Competition «KAUNAS SONORUM» (Lithuania),
  • International Music Competition «Don Vincenzo Vitti» (Italy)
  • International Music Competition «Euterpe» (Italy)

The founders of the Competition are: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, Moscow Academic Philharmonic Society.

The organizer of the Competition was the Russian Concert Agency.