International Viola Society News | Dr Michael Vidulich

A little over fifteen years ago the International Viola Society (IVS) was formed to succeed the previous IVG (Internationale Viola-Gesellschaft). The IVS originally only had four sections – AUSTRALIA/NZ (ANZVS), CANADA (CVS), GERMANY (GVS) & the USA (AVS).  Today we have grown to 18 IVS sections (Pacific (1): Australia/NZ; North America (2): Canada, USA; South America (1): Brazil; Asia (2): China, Thailand; Europe (10): UK, Iceland, Finland, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland; Africa (2): Nigeria, South Africa).  Presently discussions are being held with violists in Italy, Chile, Mexico and Hong Kong to form viola societies in these countries.  Note: Any contacts you may have for these and other countries would be appreciated (esp. for Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Belgium, Ireland, central &/or east European countries).

Since the IVS was formed, International Viola Congresses have been held every year and the IVS has been able to assist & work with other IVS section viola societies with IVS aid projects’ – violas, viola supplies, music, etc. for violists in other countries (e.g. Nigeria, South Africa, Iraq & Chile).

The IVS web-site:   explains who we are and what we do and keeps violists informed of ‘viola news’ worldwide.  Our ‘buttons’ help us keep going and offer a service for many violists.  Note: The IVS welcomes new advertisers for our web-site.  Other IVS initiatives include work on improving relations with our sections, reviewing our present IVS By-Laws, presenting IVS Awards to violists for their contributions to the viola, working on improving our IVS Congress Emergency & Start-up Funds policy and looking at starting an IVS Viola Composition Competition. The IVS fully supports all viola composition competitions worldwide.

This year the IVS will be holding IVS elections for the next term of office (a three year term – 2014-2016), which will be held later this year.  Our IVS By-Laws have officer residency requirements, stating that three regions must be represented on our Presidency (of 7 officers). The regions are: 1.) Africa, 2.) Asia, 3.) Australia/NZ, 4.) Europe, 5.) North America & 6.) South America.  All IVS Presidencies since 2002 have had officers from three regions – Australia/NZ, Europe & North America.  The present Presidency includes:  one from New Zealand (me), 4 Europeans – on each from United Kingdom, Finland, Spain & Germany & 2 from the United States.  It is important that our smaller IVS regions (Africa, Asia, Australia/NZ & South America) consider being represented on the IVS Presidency for the next term of office.  The IVS hopes that at least two qualified people are nominated for each elected IVS position.  Please consider nominations for the IVS Presidency for the next term of office, thank you.

IVS Officer requirements:

-PRESIDENT – Have to have been an IVS Officer &/or Section President &/or Section Vice President.

-VICE PRESIDENT – Have to have been an IVS Officer &/or Section Officer &/or Section Board/Committee Member &/or have been an IVS Congress Host.

(NOTE: The Vice President will need to reside in a different region from the President.)

-SECRETARY – Same as for VICE PRESIDENT (except: can reside in any region).

-TREASURER – Same as for VICE PRESIDENT/SECRETARY &/or have a proven record of financial management skills (can reside in any region).

-PAST PRESIDENT (non-elected).

-2 EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES (appointed by the President with recommendations from Section members) – No ‘specific’ requirements.

This year’s International Viola Congress will be held in Kraków, POLAND – 11 to 15 September and looks like it will be an ‘excellent’ Congress indeed.  Note: Please check our IVS web-site & for details, registration, etc.     I hope to see many of you there!