ARCO is  project led by Birmingham Conservatoire. This is a major outreach and distance learning project  in collaboration with MIAGI (Music is a Great Investment), Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music based in Soweto, South Africa.

There is more information and a video about the project on the Birmingham Conservatoire website page HERE


Over the next year, twenty-four selected students (six string quartets) from the Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music will participate in weekly instrumental Skype lessons given by teachers at Birmingham Conservatoire in addition to their music lessons in SA. They will also benefit from 1-2-1 mentoring and string quartet coaching, not currently offered at the centre. These lessons will be delivered by students and alumni of the Birmingham Conservatoire in a specially designated distance-learning suite.

The project needs to raise £30,000 so that this exciting project see its full potential.

• £5,400 – 24 instruments (12 violins, 6 violas and 6 cellos)
• £4,600 – Equipment for distance learning and live streaming
• £20,000 – For the delivery of the project’s Festival at Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music.

To find out how you can help see: