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The 2016 Viola Day was again led by the wonderful and inspiring Dr. Louise Lansdown and premiered  a new composition for four violas by Sheffield based composer, Jenny Jackson.

There were 2  events  on Sunday 16th November  2014, which was also the 119th birthday of celebrated composer and violist Paul Hindemith.

Louise Lansdown, Head of Strings at Birmingham Conservatoire led the day and coached us through a wide variety of viola ensemble music. Honorary BVS Member, Duncan Druce conducted his new viola ensemble work, composed especially for the day.

Corelli - Christmas Concerto (viola orchestra)

Engano - Story of Two Minstrels (Absolute Zero Viola Quartet)

Bach - Concertante (four solo violas, and viola orchestra)

11.00 to 4.00 pm at St Paul’s Hall, University of Huddersfield. Queensgate, Huddersfield.  HD1 3DH

Dr. Louise Lansdown, Head of Strings at Birmingham Conservatoire  led the day and coached us through a wide variety of music including  a specially written piece by Nick Williams, composer and Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield.

Birmingham Conservatoire Viola Day  celebrated its love of everything viola and  welcomed Professor Blazej Maliszewski from Gdansk to perform and teach.

Conservatoire violists  performed both solo and ensemble items, alongside pedagogical discussions and master classes delivered by Robin Ireland, Louise Lansdown, Rose Redgrave and Blazej Maliszewski.

Viola Masterclasses:  violists of all ages took part in ensemble sessions and viola master classes.

Paul Hindemith: 1895-1963


 2013 sees the 50th anniversary of the death of the German composer, performer, teacher, conductor and artist Paul Hindemith -  a musician whose contribution to every  genre and instrument is frequently overlooked and neglected. This day presents four recitals featuring staff and students from Birmingham Conservatoire as well as visitors from the Hindemith Institute and Conservatoire in Frankfurt (Hindemith's home). Paul Hindemith was born in 1895 in Hanau, studied for a considerable period in Frankfurt before serving in the military during the last part of World War 1. Hindemith returned to Frankfurt at the end of the war where he worked until taking up a professorship in Berlin in 1927. The 1930s saw his music and livelihood slowly strangled of opportunity due to the rise of National Socialism and his persistence in continuing to perform and work alongside Jewish musicians. Hindemith's wife Gertrud was also of partial Jewish heritage. The latter part of the 1930s was spent employed by the Turkish government re-organising the Music Education system with his work based mostly in Ankara and also several concert trips to the USA. In 1939 Hindemith and his wife were forced into exile in Switzerland, and it was shortly afterwards when they settled in the USA where they lived until 1952. Hindemith was appointed to the staff of Yale University where he worked and thrived during this period. In 1952 they returned to Europe and Hindemith took up a professorship in Zurich and they settled in the magically beautiful Swiss village of Blonay until Hindemith's death in December 1963.

A celebration of the life and works of Paul Hindemith, 50 years on from his death.

Performance 1:    13.30 Adrian Boult Hall

Performance 2:    15.30 Recital Hall

Performance 3:    15.30 Arena Foyer

Performance 4:    19.30 Recital Hall

Programme Details Below


  •  Frakenstein’s Monster Repertoire: Jonathan Martindale, Daniel Roberts (violins), Louise Lansdown (viola), Peggy Nolan (cello)
  •  Sonata op.11 no.1 in E flat (1918): Daniel Roberts (violin), Michael Freyhan (piano)
  •  Sonata op.11 no.2 in D major (1918): Simon Smith (violin), Robert Markham (piano)
  •  “Minimax” Military Music for String Quartet (1923): Jonathan Martindale, Daniel Roberts (violins), Louise Lansdown (viola), Peggy Nolan (cello)

15.30       CONCERT 2   RECITAL HALL

  •  Organ Sonata no.2 (1937):David Saint (organ)
  •  Sonata for solo viola op.25 no.1 (1922): Lucy Nolan (viola)
  •  Duo for Viola and Cello 1934 : Louise Lansdown (viola), Peggy Nolan (cello)
  •  Overture to the Flying Dutchman (1925) :Nathaniel Vallois, Daniel Roberts (violins), Louise Lansdown (viola), Alexander Baillie (cello)
  •  Sonata for solo cello op.25 no.3 (1922):Alexander Baillie (cello)

15.30       CONCERT 3   ARENA FOYER

  •  Sonata for Violin and Piano in E major (1935): Nathaniel Vallois (violin), Michael Freyhan (piano)
  •  Sonata for solo violin op.31 no.1 (1923) : Jonathan Martindale (violin)
  • Trauermusik  :Harriet Carr (viola), Michael Freyhan (piano)
  •  Sonata for Double Bass and Piano (1949) :David McIlfatrick (double bass), Robert Markham (piano)
  •  Sonata op.11 no.4 (1919) :Robin Ireland (viola), Robert Markham (piano)


1914 - Naehes des Geliebten (2 minutes) for Female Voice and Piano

  • 1914-1916 - Lustige Lieder in Aargauer Mundart op.5 for Soprano and Piano (21 minutes)
  • 1919 - Three Hymns of Walt Whitman op.14 for Baritone and Piano (10 minutes)
  • 1917-1919 - Melancholie op.13 for Mezzo Soprano and String Quartet (12 minutes)
  • 1922- Des Todes Tod op.23a for Female Voice, Two Violas and Two Cellos (16 minutes)


  • 1940 - "Exiit Edictum"
  • 1960 – "Exiit Edictum" (revised)

  Motets 1958-1960

  •  "Defuncto Herode"
  • "Erat Joseph et Maria"
  • "Vidit Joannes Jesu venientem"
  • "Cum factus esset Jesus annorum duodecim."

"Paul Hindemith: A Commemoration" is not just a celebration of Hindemith’s life and music but a chance to raise money for this critical cause. Performances are free, with no tickets required but donations will be gratefully accepted. 100% of money raised will go to the Red Cross Syria Crises Appeal.

Huddersfield Winter Viola Ensemble Day

11.00 to 4.00 pm at St Paul’s Hall, University of Huddersfield. Queensgate, Huddersfield.  HD1 3DH

Dr. Louise Lansdown, Head of Strings at Birmingham Conservatoire will be leading the day and coaching us through a wide variety of music including Gordon Jacob's Octet and Simon Rowland Jones arr. of Selim Palmgren Night in May & The Swan.


Viola 2013

Henry Wood Room, Royal Academy of Music, London NW1 5HT
With Tatjana Masurenko, soloist, renowned teacher and ERASMUS exchange professor from the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Conservatory of Music and Theatre, Leipzig.
Free, no tickets required

Henry Wood Room, Royal Academy of Music, London NW1 5HT
With Philip Dukes, Visiting Professor of Viola. This class will focus on Brahms’s viola sonatas.
Free, no tickets required


Address: Marylebone Road, London NW1 5HT

These masterclasses are free, with no tickets required